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animal inspired training

I hold a certificate from ISSA (International Sports Science Association) as a personal trainer.

I am a professional athlete and trained dancer from Mexico City, who now lives and trains in Los Angeles. I am a true believer in living a balanced life through physical practice, mental focus, and nutrition. My passion for body movement and dance started when I was 4 years old with ballet. I trained ballet from the ages of 4 to 28 with numerous accomplishments. I am an active dancer and athlete.

After many performances on 5 continents and 8 countries I found my way to martial arts. The similarities between dance and martial arts, especially Kung Fu are incredible. I began to formalize my own style of dance entitled “Dance Fight”,

which is a combination of the physicality of Kung Fu and the flow of how I understand dance and movement. 


Because I train a cross between many physical practices I have experienced a gap that exists when training in gyms and movement studios. This gap has led me to develop my own training method entitled “Body Connect”.

About Body Connect ...

Since I was a little girl I have always had a fascination for animals and their physical abilities; how they use their bodies in full capacity. Over the years I have been studying the biomechanics of certain animals and their ways of living, which has helped me to develop a more efficient and effective methodology on physical and mental training, how to get closer to ourselves and how to be more effective and kind to our bodies. This training is based and inspired by animals, I don't want people to move or pretend to move like an animal, what I want with this training is that people can understand through their bodies the importance of animals not only on the planet, but also in our lives, and how we can metaphorically reflect ourselves with them, with their behaviors and their ways of assuming their own bodies and lives, without wasting time comparing themselves with others.

Body Connect also mix certain techniques of dance, martial arts, traditional training, and other disciplines of which I have acquired knowledge of over the years. Achieving an adequate and correct fusion of movement, to create fun and efficient training, “Body by Dalel” was developed for all body types. Your movement in your daily life should make you feel strong and confident and the Body by Dalel method guides you to a state of empowerment and personal satisfaction. Facing the challenges of in your everyday life should come with ease and grace, Body Connect will do this for you and was developed for both men and women.


With 10 years of practical experience as a movement coach, teacher and trainer I have been working with all kinds of bodies as high performance athletes, professional dancers, models, celebrities, children and teenagers. Some of my clients include; actress Lily Cowles, actor Michael Vlamis, singer Sasha Sokol, off-road race car driver Christian Weber. Also this year I had the pleasure to movement direct Lily Cowles during her participation as one of the characters of the new “CALL OF DUTY” video game. Lily keeps physically fit training “Body Connect”. My clientele varies from pregnant women and post pregnancy women, to middle aged men, young adults, former athletes, and current athletes. I have a large clientele within the Jewish community both in LA and Mexico City.


In addition to training specific clients one on one I am also currently teaching fitness classes at Soul Pump Fitness LA, Restore Fitness LA


Full Body Movement through a combination of physical flow, active posture, resistance, and stability. This training will increase your athletic potential by enhancing the connection between your joints in relation to your whole body.

This  training is not exclusive to athletes or professional dancers or trainers. This method  has been carefully constructed to suit everyone, whether you are a beginner or advanced, all levels of fitness are welcome to attend.


If you’re looking to learn how to implement more movement into your lifestyle and further your knowledge of unconventional training as well as the methods behind them, this workshop is for you.

Athletic Legs Training

Get Athletic + Stay Agile

Learn how to increase your athletic performance by developing better connectivity and communication between your joints, while keeping strength and power in the rest of your body.

This training is based on how I personally like to train my legs as a professional dancer and athlete.


Athletic Spine + Core Training

Get Strong + Stay Strong 

This training will challenge you like never before! The main goal of this guide is building strength and increase your ability to transfer force and power from your lower body to your upper body and vice versa.

Athletic Mind-Psychological Training

Get Fit + Stay Healthy

Putting your mind and body in situations to grow and expand, I use different tools, exercises and games to test, develop and adapt your physical condition.

BODY CONNECT / Full & Mobility Training

Get Stronger Overall + Stay Lean 

This training is made for those who are ready to work really hard in order to impactful results. Strength training with focus on Athletic Legs, Core & Spine.

Challenge yourself and shred your body with intense cardio after every workout.

Probably my toughest training so far.

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