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A DARKER NIGHT (el año de la rata)

Short Film & Live Performance

Directed by Dr. Alderete and Dalel Bacre 

Movement Direction by Dalel Bacre 
Performance by Lily Cowles and Dalel Bacre

Music by The Legendary Tigerman
Stylist by Arturo Lugo "Chino"

Performance based on the work of Dr. Alderete


WILD NIGHT (el año de la rata)

Short Film

Directed by Christian Weber // Choreography & Performance by Dalel Bacre 

Music by The Legendary Tigerman

Performance based on the work of Dr. Alderete

4 minutes video

This film is conceived from my different alter egos which have lived with me since I was a child. After a year living in confinement they decided to show themselves to the public, the pandemic detonated the atmosphere necessary to create this film.

Official Selection 2022 Cuadro por Danza Festival - Dance Film & Dance Photography, Venezuela

Official Selection & Award Winner 2021 FROSTBITE International Indie Fest 

Official Selection 2021 Mill of Performing Arts Greece 

Official Selection 2021 RIFF - FESTIVAL - NORWAY 2021

Official Selection 2021 Birmingham International Dance Festival - BIDFTV

Official Selection ENDMéxico 2021 

Honorable Mention at the Video Art and Experimental Film Festival 2021 New York City

Wild Night (el año de la rata)

Werewolf Heart 

Short Film

Directed by Christian Weber // Choreography & Performance by Dalel Bacre 

4 minutes video

Is a performance that illustrates the inner conflict of the protagonist, Dalel. Her body movements are reflective of her inner voice and the conflict she is experiencing while batting personal demons. 

Award-Winning Film 2022 in the Exeter International Dance Film Festival,     United Kingdom

Official Selection 2022 Dance ON Screen FilmFestival GRAZ, Austria

Official Selection 2022 Cuadro por Danza Festival - Dance Film & Dance Photography, Venezuela

Official Selection 2021 Slow Flow Dance Film Workshop, Budapest 

Official Selection 2019 Szerpentin Dance Film Fesztival, Budapest 

Official Selection 2018 at the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Official Selection 2018 at the REDIV / Red Ibero-Americana of Video Dance. 

Official Selection 2018 at the Cine de Corps Festival de Films Sur La Danse Et Le Corps,   Paris.

Official Selection 2018 at the Migrations Dance Film, United Kingdom. 

Award-Winning Film 2017 at the  POOL 17 INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival Berlin.


Award Winner Film 2017 and Official Selection at the Bestias Danzantes International   Film   Festival, Santiago de Chile.

Award Winner Film 2017 at the 9˚Festival Itinerante de Danza Agite y Sirva.

Official Selection 2017 of the 40 NORTH Dance Film Festival USA, 2017.

Official Selection 2017 of the TIPPERARY International Dance Film Festival, Southeast       Ireland.

Official Selection of the 2017 Filmu de Piatra Festival, Romania.

Official Selection 2016 of the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival,  receiving   Honorable Mention for direction and choreography.

Werewolf Heart


No Dancing Today is a scenic event that exhibits a tribute to the body as its own and unique entity. I have taken inspiration and studied the corporeality and movements of some animals and people to develop this work. In this performance the conjunctural, accidental, and unexpected coexist through choreography, allowing the creation of a sublime moment, I combine technical and aesthetic tools with physical performance. I have been developing throughout my career an internal rotation of my lower extremities (intoeing), which I call “the body inverted” (el cuerpo invertido). This is at the heart of my choreography; through biomechanics I seek to evoke a unique moment that temporarily occupies the space. This occupation exists because I exist.


With this performance I am not looking to develop a new idea or a new concept. Rather, I am attempting to establish an experiential space where the scenic act itself plays the lead; a moment represented as the here and now. The work I have created lives in a zone of hybridization between dance and performance, moving between rehearsed choreography and improvisation. The exhibition is built from the use of two key elements, a mask and a turntable, so I combine technical and aesthetic tools with physical performance, covering my face with the mask which allows me to feel completely free and be someone else.


​​No Dancing Today is designed so it can occupy any space (galleries, black box, open stage or traditional stage). The audience is an important part of this performance,  they can be as close or far away as they wish.

The performance is approximately 20 to 25 minutes (short version 15 minutes).

No Dancing Today



Silencio is a performance where I discover different possibilities of existing with the absence, the belonging, the imperative being that governs us, with the shadow of the other that ends up being our own shadow or reflection. It is a game of images, scenes and instants, where the viewer has the freedom to choose their participation in the performance directly or indirectly.


Silencio is a time to observe and feel. They are different atmospheres to contemplate and to choose; having the body and its theatricality as conductors of this performance.

This piece exist through a ridiculous torture that leads the performance in a state of tension.

Silencio is conceived from the theatricality, observation, desolation, context, handling objects and awareness the relationship body / space. 



" Death only illuminates our lives, if death does not make sense, then life never had it ".


Alejandro González Iñarritu.


Approximately 20 minutes.



This scenic project is nomadic, it is a constantly changing duo.

The premise is the sensation that causes an imperative body which comes from the work SILENCIO. Consists of inviting different artists to perform this piece, sometimes it can be a dancer, other times a musician, a visual artist, etc.

Two proposals linked by the juxtaposition of images and scenic events that enrich and depend on each other. It is a possibility of dialogue between two visions, building from two languages, the fusion of two aesthetics that have a particular affinity and meet again in the scenic act.

The work uses different tools such as voice, improvisation, use of objects, physicality, to raise its own scenic speech. The audience and performers vary abruptly by different emotional states.


The piece exists, using the body as basic and primitive tool to convey a message, an apparent game of chance.

Approximately 45 minutes 

Falling Paradise
Performance & Film 

Performance unfolds in three scenes:



Una línea entre mirar y observar, entre ustedes y nosotros. Una línea                                         que nos conecta y nos separa, una línea que nos trata diferente // A line between looking and observing, a line between us, a line that connects and separates. A line that treats us differently.

Operación Condor


La fascinación por el terror // The fascination of terror. 

Falling Paradise


My dream was different, it was not this, you were different too.                                                   Nothing differentiates you between the one who crosses with documents                                   and the one who crosses through the desert // Mi sueño era distinto, no era este, tú eras diferente también. Nada te diferencia entre el que cruza con papeles y entre el que cruza a través  el desierto.                                                     

Short Version 15 minutes // Full Version 30 minutes 

“Ahora América es, para el mundo, nada más que los Estados Unidos: nosotros habitamos, a lo sumo, una sub América, una América de segunda clase, de nebulosa identificación.

Es América Latina, la región de las venas abiertas.” 


Eduardo Galeano

Additional Works


Nana -  In collaboration with La FLEUR / Gintersdorfer

AntiFormalismos -  In collaboration with Gintersdorfer / Klaßen 

Habitante - In collaboration with Cuatro x Cuatro  


ASVOFF A Shande View on Fashion Film (Festival of Film and Fashion) - In collaboration with the Fashion Designer Fukuko Ando  

Inacabado V4 - In collaboration with Cuatro x Cuatro

En Cualquier Momento - Performance and Choreography

Happy Times en Momentos K-Brones - In collaboration with Inside the Body

Blinded - Choreography in collaboration with Inside the Body 

Wakaranai - Choreography in collaboration with Inside the Body 

Wild Pitch - Choreography in collaboration with Luna Luna Danza Contemporánea

La Vida Se Nos Va x el WC - Choreography in collaboration with Luna Luna 

Otoño - Choreography in collaboration with Luna Luna 

El Lado Oscuro de Mía Amiga - Choreography in collaboration with Luna Luna 

Miss X - In collaboration with Eunice Hidalgo 

Caducidad - In collaboration with Eunice Hidalgo 

​Ácido Folcklórico - Choreography in collaboration with Luna Luna 

Azúl - In collaboration with A Poc A Poc Danza Contemporánea

And Others. 

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