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 Her portfolio as a movement director and choreographer boast work with some of the most recognised brands  

YSL Beauty, REZA,  Apple Fitness+, Warby Parker, Nike, GAP, GAPFIT UK, Mazda, Mini, Corona, Pacifico, Indio and others.

For Streeters and Brydges Mackinney.


She has brought stories to life with photographers including Christian Weber, Greg Harris, Zoey Grossman, 

Jacq Harriet, Heidi Berg, Garrett Naccarato, Vivian Kim, Maria Gordillo, Dr. Alderete.

As a Movement Coach for films, tv shows and video games Dalel has worked with Olivia Hamilton in Damien Chazelle's film Babylon,  with Mari Yamamoto in her role in a new Apple Original Series based on the Legendary's Monsterverse franchise Godzilla (Nov 2023), Lily Cowles on Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, the film Antebellum and other projects.

Movement direction offers models, actors, people infinite freedom to access physical expression. I work with clients on posture, gesture, and expressive movement, allowing them to concentrate better on their performance with ease and style beyond their normal range.

My style of movement direction is based on animal dynamism, dance, martial arts, sculpture, and the artistic influences of every project that I have worked on as a director or as a performer. Being an active performer in many fields gives me a wide range of creative insight, which allows me to understand on a deep level what each unique project needs and how to achieve it.


Movement director in the short films TOOTHLESS written by Lily Cowles, directed by Corrin Evans (Oct 2023), KILLERS written and directed by Corrin Evans (coming soon 2023)

NIGHT WISH written and directed by Richard Feliz (coming soon 2023).

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